VEB Kombinat Getreidewirtschaft Leipzig (2014)

If Paradise Is Half As Nice #3 took place in Leipzig, Germany at an old grain storage located at Essener Strasse. Previously owned by the VEB Kombinat Getreidewirtschaft Leipzig, the building was built in 1937 as a bomb-safe construction. The five participating artists were Pim Palsgraaf, Daan Botlek, Willem Besselink, Ties Ten Bosch and Bram Braam. Regina Kelaita was also invited to join the project to document the event on video. The opening weekend was visited by approximately 70 visitors.

Exhibition: September 4–7, 2014. Participants: Daan Botlek, Pim Palsgraaf, Willem Besselink, Ties Ten Bosch, Bram Braam (artists), Regina Kelaita (documentary), Guus Vreeburg, Bernd Sikora (lectures).

More works

Aside from the main site at the old silo, a smaller yet more conventional exhibition was presented at the project space Postindustriale – Der Raum. At this exhibition further related artworks were presented, in conjunction with a series lectures that addressed the the history, and the future, of the industrial buildings in Rotterdam and Leipzig. These lectures were given by Dutch historian Guus Vreeburg and German architect Bernd Sikora.

The first official documentary of an If Paradise Is Half As Nice event, was produced by visual artist Regina Kelaita. The video offers an insiders view into the process of each artists and the making of their respective artworks.

For the most part, ‘If Paradise Is Half As Nice’ is directly funded by a dedicated group of fans in the form of crowd funding.


If Paradise Is Half As Nice