If Paradise Is Half As Nice (IPIHAN) #12 — From the first of August 2022 we will be exploring the former freight railway station Leipziger Bahnhof in Dresden. We will be working there for five weeks, the closing exhibition will be open for public from September 2-4. The project is not possible without your support. And that is why we kindly ask you to help us. You can do that by donating to us and receive some exiting presents in return: Read our newsletter to learn more. Invitation (Download .PDF) / Einladung (Download .PDF) / Facebook-event / Press images.

About Us

If Paradise Is Half As Nice (IPIHAN) is an artist initiated project that leaves behind the comforts of a traditional artists’ studio to instead pursue the creation of artworks by finding and using abandoned buildings as sites for artistic production. After an abandoned building is found, in less than four weeks, the collective of artists make their artworks onsite that culminates in an exhibition that is presented to the wider public. In this short time, each artist must find their own way to utilise the available materials and space to conceive and execute their artwork. Inevitably, the artworks that they produced are embedded with specific history and dynamics of decay that is unique to each project location.

Functioning as a creative pressure cooker, the limited time frame serves to accelerate the exchange of ideas. Consequently, this leads to unexpected and innovative solutions in the conception and execution of our artworks. At times, in addition to making art, there can be the necessity sneaking around to stay undercover, so as to avoid being noticed by the local authorities. Each project is undertaken with a spirit of camaraderie and shared desire to stage a final exhibition that is to be celebrated at a closing event.

If Paradise Is Half As Nice


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