Salangen Biennale II — Sjøvegan (2023)

If Paradise Is Half As Nice #13

We are very excited to have been invited to act as curator of the Salangen Biennale 2023. Our project this year will take place around the remnants of an old iron mine at the Salangen Fjord in Northern Norway; a very exciting location with a rich history set within a unique Arctic landscape. We will face new challenges and hope to find new inspiration and to create a lot of new connections.

With a total of 13 participants from the Netherlands, as well as from the Nordic countries, we will travel to Salangen and start working on site as of June 19th. For 5 weeks we will explore not only the old factory and its ruins, but also the tracks of the old cable lift up the mountain and the remnants of the mine on top of the 600 meter high mountain.

This years Paradise participants will be: Michiel Jansen (NL), Ties Ten Bosch (NL), Pim Palsgraaf (NL), Esther Kokmeijer (NL), Guus Vreeburg (NL), Willem Besselink (NL), Torbjörn Johansson (SE), Hilde Angel Danielsen (NO), Siri Tolander (SE), Jens Stegger Ledaal (NO), Jan Hakon Erichsen (NO), Lada Suomenrinne (FI) and Maurice Bogaert (NL).

The final presentation will be from July 21-23 2023 at: Salangs Verket – 9350 Sjøvegan, Norway. Apart from that we will present film screenings, lectures, guided tours and discussions during our 5 week stay at Salangen. For more information and to learn more about the participants visit:

We would appreciate your support.

Like in previous IPIHAN editions we ask you for your financial support. Please join our crowd funding campaign in order to make this fantastic project possible. If you would like to receive one of our IPIHAN presents in return please send an email to


– Pack of post cards (in return for at least): € 15,-
– An IPIHAN outdoor enamel coffee cup: € 25,-
– The new IPIHAN T-shirt: € 40,-
– One multiple by one participating artist: € 100,-
– Three multiples by three participating artists: € 240,-
– Six multiples by six participating artists: € 400,-
– Ten multiples by ten participating artists: € 570,-
– Thirteen multiples by all 13 participants: € 650,-

Please transfer your contribution to: Stichting Christian Weissenfels / Triodos Bank
 / IBAN: NL73 TRIO 0379303159. We thank you very much for your kind support.


For the most part, ‘If Paradise Is Half As Nice’ is directly funded by a dedicated group of fans in the form of crowd funding.

If Paradise Is Half As Nice